January 21, 2016

People Respond to Good Leadership! Period! by Shari Strong

Being a leader doesn't always mean being in a position of authority; it can mean naturally leading others - friends, family, coworkers, and sometimes even those in authoritative positions over you. So I'm always looking for ways and pointers to sharpen my skills, and LinkedIn provides many such resources. One good article, People Respond to Good Leadership! Period! (written by Shari Strong) immediately caught my attention. Below is a summary:

A true leader is highly ethical, honest, respected, and understands that leadership is about connecting with - not managing - people. People will willingly follow your lead if you have these qualities. But if you don't like people, don't put yourself in a position to lead.

Leaders worth admiring seem to have these qualities:
  1. They think big.
  2. They believe when no one else does; they have good intuition of when to "stick to it" and when to change direction.
  3. They involve others and delegate. They allow ownership and give recognition when due.
  4. They influence, not manipulate.
  5. When goals are met, they celebrate and then set a new vision.

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