August 26, 2014

29 Ways to Stay Creative

A while back, posted a nice little poster titled "29 Ways to Stay Creative". Recreating the poster in my notebook would require an artistic skill that I currently do not possess, however I did write the ideas down, and here I present them (though you may visit the above link and print the poster if you like). I consistently do about 18 of these. How many do you do?
  1. Make lists
  2. Carry a notebook everywhere
  3. Try freewriting
  4. Get away from the computer
  5. Quit beating yourself up
  6. Take breaks
  7. Sing in the shower
  8. Drink coffee
  9. Listen to new music
  10. Be open
  11. Surround yourself with creative people
  12. Get feedback
  13. Collaborate
  14. Don't give up
  15. Practice
  16. All yourself to make mistakes
  17. Go somewhere new
  18. Count your blessings
  19. Get lots of rest
  20. Take risks
  21. Break the rules
  22. Don't force it
  23. Read a page of the dictionary
  24. Create a framework
  25. Stop trying to be someone else's perfect
  26. Got an idea? Write it down
  27. Clean your workplace
  28. Have fun
  29. Finish something

August 19, 2014

"Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life."

"Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habit.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny."
- Unknown

August 12, 2014

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

A very fantastic TED talk was presented by Amy Cuddy, entitled "Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are" - it is available on YouTube here. At just over 20 minutes, it is well worth the time spent watching. I present a small summary of the main points:
  • Individuals will rush to conclusions about you on the basis of your body language
  • Your non-verbal behavior doesn't just affect others' perceptions of you; it also influences how you perceive yourself
    - When you feel confident, you naturally expand your body
    - When you feel insecure and powerless, you slump
  • By mimicking a powerful stance, you can alter your hormone levels and feel more powerful
  • By continually slumping, you will begin to be insecure and powerless
This summary pales by comparison to the information available in the actual TED talk.

August 5, 2014

"If you do it for love, the money comes anyway."
- Richard St. John

"If you have passion, it spreads like fricken wildfire."