January 5, 2016

Common Body Language

Happy New Year!

I took December off, for two reasons: to enjoy the holiday season and because my online posts are catching up too quickly to my hand-written notebook. This was to be expected, as I have a huge backlog of books, articles, and quotes which I have not had the opportunity to fully add to my notebook - and it's going to get worse because I have to edit my second book: Frank's Notebook Volume 2!

The first post of the new year gives a few pointers on how to approach body language. While reading body language is more of an art than a science, this little list may be useful for helping to determine whether your friends or family are telling the truth about keeping their New Year's resolutions...
  1. Confident
    • Standing tall with shoulders back.
    • Solid eye contact, with "smiling" eyes.
    • Purposeful and deliberate gestures.
    • Slow, clear speech with a moderate or low tone.
  2. Defensive
    • Gestures close to body or arms crossed.
    • Minimal facial expressions.
    • Eyes maintain little contact, or are downcast.
  3. Disengaged
    • Head down.
    • Eyes glazed or focused elsewhere.
    • Figeting hands, or writing / doodling.
    • Slumped posture.
  4. Lying
    • Pupils are constricted end eyes maintain little to no contact, or move rapidly.
    • Hands or fingers in front of mouth when talking.
    • Voice changes in pitch / stammering / throat clearing.

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